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Find the smallest integer in the array (8kyu) [Python]

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Given an array of integers your solution should find the smallest integer.

For example:

Given [34, 15, 88, 2] your solution will return 2
Given [34, -345, -1, 100] your solution will return -345
You can assume, for the purpose of this kata, that the supplied array will not be empty.

Solution 1

Let's start with loop solutions.

def find_smallest_int(arr):
    smallest = arr[0]
    for num in arr:
        if(num < smallest):
            smallest = num
    return smallest

Solution 2

Let's solve it with min.

def find_smallest_int(arr):
    return min(arr)

Solution 3

Let's solve it with sort().

def find_smallest_int(arr):
    return arr[0]

def find_smallest_int(arr):
    return sorted(arr)[0]

Solution 4

Let's solve it with reduce().

def find_smallest_int(arr):
    return reduce(lambda acc, cur: acc if acc < cur else cur, arr)
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